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Terms of Use

Rhonda's Digital Designs Commercial TOU
Copyright by Rhonda Walker
Contact E-Mail: walker_r_m2005@yahoo.com
March 2012

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Ownership statement and/or list of licensed source material:
All of this product's content was created by: Rhonda Walker using the following graphic programs:
Corel Paint-Shop-Pro or Adobe Photoshop
No external Scripts or Actions were used to create the Digital Kits. All Scripts were written by: Rhonda Walker personally. Exceptions include: Pause Script for PSP scripts written by: Gary Barton (http://pixelnook.home.comcast.net).
The Pause Script incorporated into my scripts are used for purchaser interaction such as entering of text or addition of desired vectors. Credit is given within the scripts using the pause code to Gary Barton.

These products are licensed to the end user "purchaser" only. This license does not extend to companies, partnerships, LLC’s or corporations without permission.
This license is non-transferrable. Scripts may only be installed on up to two computers. An acceptable example would be: use on your desktop and your laptop.

  • No more than two computers owned and utilized by the end user are permitted to contain the scripts/graphics/brushes/tubes/shapes or etc.
  • You as the purchaser may use these products to create derivative work which you may sell.
  • You may use these products to create scrapbook layouts, personalized candy wrappers and other artwork for sale including digital scrapbook kits (With the exception of PNG files purchased from one of my scrap kits).
  • You may NOT redistribute, share, loan, resell, transfer or post across message boards, online forums or share sites any of my SCRIPTS!
  • You may NOT resell these files in their original format. If my templates or scripts are being used to create items for resale, finished products must be flattened into either.PNG or .JPG format.
  • You may NOT use these graphics in conjunction with material that is pornographic, explicit adult content, slanderous, or promotes hatred and/or prejudice racial or otherwise.
  • If original file is a script, you may NOT sell the script - only the files created by using the script.
  • You MUST make the image your own by recoloring and/or adding a pattern to the files.
  • You may NOT sell a product containing ONLY elements from my product and you may not sell a product that comprises ONLY of items from this package.
  • YOU MAY NOT use my items to create new items like templates, tubes, brushes or shapes. EXCEPTION: Personal use (use by the end purchaser) may create tubes for most frequently used items. However, these tubes are not to be shared, sold or claimed as your own.
  • YOU MAY NOT create CU or reseller items with my products.
  • If using for personalized candy wrappers: Candy wrapper must be printed for sale or personalized and saved as a flattened image.
  • You MAY create a digital candy wrap set but the designed set may not contain only items created from my scripts, PNGs, PSP files or PSD files.
  • If original file is a script you MAY NOT alter the original script and resell as your own.
  • You MAY NOT create grayscale PNG's for colorizing for resale using any of my graphics, tubes, brushes, shapes or scripts.
  • You MAY NOT remove from or use items from one of my digital scrap kits in your own digital scrap kit and claim as your own.


Terms for Tutorials

Many other tutorial writers have left the web because of tutorial theft, copyright infringement, and a host of other problems. Please help keep my site open by not creating any of these problems. Taking the time to read my terms, and honoring them, will prevent this.

All tutorials on my site are original and written and/or designed by me. Any similarities to any other tutorial is purely coincidental and not on purpose.

I love writing tutorials and sharing them with all of you out in this world, and I do so freely because I love what I am doing. In return I ask that you honor my terms of use. When you use my tutorials, you are agreeing to these terms.

  • Please do not copy/reproduce my tutorials or claim them as your own.
  • Everything on this site is ©Rhonda Walker and is protected under law.
  • To make it easier for you to complete my tutorials, you may print them out, or you may save them to your computer.
  • You may not offer for download or redistribute my tutorials (or materials provided with my tutorials). If you would like to share my tutorials with others, provide them with a link to my site where they can download the tutorial and materials directly.
  • If you operate a group and would like to use my tutorials for your lessons, you are more than welcome to do so. Just provide your group with the link to the tutorial, and send me an email to let me know you're using my tutorials.
  • No sharing of my supplies with anyone.
  • Please do not copy &/or reproduce my tutorials or claim them as your own. You may not claim the original design as your own.
  • If you wish to share my tutorials with friends/members of a group then please use a Text Link Only.
  • Whatever you make from my tutorials is yours to do with as you wish. You created it using methods I have taught you. Basically you are making a “reproduction” of the original work. But,, please do give credit of the original work where credit is due. For example: If selling a group of graphics you have made…a simple “Permissions to sell my reproduction of a Rhonda Walker original has been granted” will suffice.
  • Any supplies I share have been shared with permission or through groups, surfing the web or made by myself. If you recognize your own work without a credit, please let me know so I can give credit to you or remove it.
  • Please do not script my tutorials, or pass them between groups/emailing lists. (Except for text-links as posted above)
  • Please do not re-write and claim as your own.
  • You MAY NOT create grayscale PNG's for colorizing for resale using any of my graphics, tubes, brushes, shapes or scripts or tutorials.
  • Do not direct link to my graphics.  DIRECT LINKING IS THEFT OF BANDWIDTH. (Remember if you wish to share a tutorial, use a text link to that tutorial).
  • By completing any of my tutorials, you have agreed to my TOU. Failure to read thoroughly the TOU does not exempt you from the terms.
  • All of my tutorials are in the process of being registered with TWI.



Any questions regarding this TOU/License may be submitted via e-mail using the e-mail address noted above.
These items are for use using the following programs:
Corel Paint Shop Pro 9 and up
Adobe Photoshop CS3 and up
PNG files may be used in any graphics program that supports PNG files such as:
Corel/Jasc Paint Shop Pro
Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Elements
Microsoft Publisher, Paint

Scripts have been tested by several trusted sources before selling to the public.

Digital Downloads are non-refundable!

******END NOTE******

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