Monday, July 12, 2010

Correcting Invalid PSP File

Ever get this message? Well, simple enough this occurs when you are attempting to open a file that has been created in a newer version than the current version you are using. For example, opening a PSPX file in PSP9.

It looks like this:


The problem with this particular file is that I saved the original file while using PSPX. So, to correct this problem, I will open PSPX and open the original file. Then I will save the file and change the options following these steps:

1. Select File Save As:

2. Select Options at the bottom of the save dialog box.

3. Press the arrow next to the Version

4. Select the version compatibility to save the psp file.


I generally will select a lower version than that which I am working in. This is especially true if I am saving a file that I want to work across all versions.

Hope this helps to correct any errors you may be encountering!

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