Thursday, July 15, 2010

Script Installation Instructions

Paint Shop Pro Script Installation Instructions
Copyright by Rhonda Walker
Contact E-Mail: walker_r_m2005@yahoo.com
Updated:June 2009

Downloading and Saving to your Computer
1. Go to My Documents/MY PSP Files
2. Create a new folder titled Downloaded Files
3. Download your file and place it in this folder
4. Unzip within the folder all the files
5. Go to My Documents/My PSP Files/Scripts Trusted and create a new folder titled RDD

By creating the new folder, any subsequent scripts you purchase from me can be placed here in one section for easier finding.

1. Click on the Scripts Trusted folder in your download
2. Copy the script and paste in My Documents/My PSP Files/Scripts Trusted/RDD

3. Go to the Preset Shapes folder in your download
4. Copy the preset shape and paste in My Documents/MY PSP Files/Preset Shapes
5. Go to the Texture folder in your download
6. Copy and paste the texture to My Documents/My PSP Files/Textures
7. Go to the Mask folder in your download
8. Copy and paste the mask to My Documents/My PSP Files/ Masks

***Note - not all scripts will have all of the above folders. Some may only have a script needed while others may have other files needed to work correctly. Your download will have all necessary files included.***

Utilizing the Script
1. Open Paint Shop Pro
2. Go to View/Toolbars/Script and make sure your script toolbar is visible
3. Drag the script toolbar onto the top toolbar area so it will "dock" there and stay visible
4. Click on your scripts dropdown box and select the Category folder titled Rhonda Walker
5. Select the script you wish to use
6. Press the Run Selected Script button next to the drop down box
7. Follow the prompts as they appear

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