Friday, July 29, 2011

One Year Anniversary Blowout

It has been one year since I started this blog dedicated to Paint Shop Pro as it is used for Candy Wrapping, Digital Scrapping and learning how to use the program for designing. As such, I am having a

One Year Anniversary Blowout Sale! 



Included in the sale are:

Candy Wrapping:

1 Paint Can Set, 2 Sets SOE Sized Overlays, 7 Sets of SOE Sized Papers, and 4 SOE Sets

Designer Tools:

2 PSP Brush Sets, 2 Color Pallet Packages, 3 PSP Shapes Sets

Digital Scrapping:

1 Full Size Kit, 3 Micro Kits, 18 Papers, 1 Quick Page

PSP Scripts:

71 Scripts!  Some never made it to the blog!


LOTS of goodies in this bag! A total resale value of $200.00.

Am I crazy?  Quite possibly!  So take advantage of my temporary insanity and grab this package for only $25.oo!!  That’s a savings of $175.00!

Click on the BUY NOW below.  Once you have paid for your purchase you will be sent the link to download the instructions for download location and password access. 

Thank you for helping me celebrate this blogging milestone!



  1. I want to buy this but after I click on the buy button it goes to a page can not be found please help :o(

  2. I can send you an invoice via paypal and then email you the link to the download. Please let me know if that will work for you!